Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wallace for Governor

Many of my political friends ask me why I support Republican Jim Wallace for governor. He’s an obvious underdog, running against a well-known, well-liked (at least by my friends), and long-time politician with a lot of political experience. Many people don’t even know that Wallace is running, and they definitely don’t know much about who he is or what his stands are on major issues. So why am I supporting Wallace?

 My reasons for backing Jim Wallace are simple. First, he is a proven leader both in the military, where he spent nine years as a combat helicopter pilot, and in the private sector as a business owner for many years. He understands what it takes to make major decisions that could make or break a company and he knows firsthand what it takes to run a business and the pressures small business owners are under. Wallace is also a conservative and has values that are in the heart of most Hoosiers. He is pro-life, promotes smaller, more localized government, knows the constitution, and on the list could go. He believes in our state and wants to take it to the next level.

Just because a candidate has name recognition and a lot of political experience doesn’t make them the best candidate for office. I am not voting for Jim Wallace because he’s popular, I am voting for Wallace because I believe he is the best candidate for the “every day” Hoosier.

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